January 24, 2006

a proposal !

Hello. My name is Saag Paneer and I would like you tomarry my daughter dhoti. I have made all of thenecessary arrangements. I understand that you comefrom a fine family, Mr. Loren, and that your papersare all in order. You may come and beg me for myapproval, which I have already granted (this is aformality, of course, no need to break a sweat?) at myabode in Chennai. The address is 23 Nazashreem road#2. Please Mr. Loren, wear your best whites! You area fine fellow...your Web site is very picturesque andphotographic. May you please tell us your birthday andtime for the local astrologer? (this is also aformality...no worries!). Dhoti tells me so very verymuch about you. She has strong feelings about you, butshe is strong in her feelings about most things. I amhappy to offer you my 1970s Mercedes and four goats.Oh, by the way, please receive a complete physical exam and forward the results to the above address..Yours in familial anticipation -- Saag

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey man:
dude. you better act quick, you should seriously consider the opportunity of marrying up!

talk to you stateside,