March 13, 2006

riding ganesh

I am meditating on an elephant
Well, not really on one
But in one, within one
I am riding the energy of one
-- an elephant God –
and directing its essence, its life force
up, up, up!
Up through a yellow square with an upside down red triangle
into a breathing pinhole of light
onto my perineal mooladhara chakra.
Breathing light
into and through
even in darkness
into the fire, the furnace,
the cauldron that generates my own alternating current
of life force. I can feel it. Distinctly.
Where was I without this sensitivity?

A plant medicine is pulling open
my own horse-blinders
A little more. Creak-creak. Chips of rust fall away.
I am listening to John Coltrane’s
A Love Supreme
And I am getting it. I am getting it! I am listening to it everyday
And it is f-ing brilliant. I am listening when I couldn’t before.
I am listening and listening. And I like it. This is a new book in a new language.
I am enthralled by the opera of beauty and emotion in the sharing between
and the individual scream.

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