April 28, 2006

More signs that make me wonder...

A man waits for a bus in the late afternoon sun next to a street stand displaying various fabrics.

From a Bengali movie poster. Are those women running out of the surf carrying machine guns?!

From a Calcutta Metro Do and Don’t list inside the train car, along with where to stand and directions on what to do in case of emergency:
“Please avoid listening to and spreading rumors.”
and another,

“Metro cares for you. Please do not get panicky.”

street billboard

“100% virgin plastic.”
From a big round sticker on a plastic bucket outside of a chai stall near my hotel that I go to in the mornings.

Political sign painted on the outside of someone's house. Rickshaws parked out in front. Notice the drawing of the traditional style boat near the door way.

Outside of post offices, there are people selling envelopes and pens, those who will wrap a parcel with the obligatory cotton fabric and than stitch it together with needle and thread, there are notaries, there are men with type writers on little wooden tables who can make something look official or transcribe something into Hindi or English but mostly to write for those who never learned how, there are others like this man who will seal the seams of a letter or a parcel with wax stamps to ensure it arrives untampered with.


Lung Fung
The name of a Chinese restaurant that I am pretty sure I don’t want to eat at!

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